• Contributor

Aaron Johnston

Head Coach
South Dakota State University

  • Set Up

Spread the floor, with both the shooting guard and small forward in the corners of their respective sides of the court, our center up on the free throw line, and our power forward down on the strong side block.

  • How It Works

  1. We have our point guard take a misdirection dribble right to setup the center’s ball screen, dribbling across the court to the three point line.
  2. The center will dive to the rim, stepping out to the left block if unavailable for the entry pass.
  3. The power forward will then cut up through the paint, flashing high to receive the pass from the point guard.
  4. From there, he has a couple options. He can hit the center ducking in underneath the hoop, look to penetrate off the catch, or even take the three pointer if their range extends out that far. Otherwise, he’ll just pass back to the point guard, drop down to the free throw line, and were right back in our base set.

Diagram 1: Boston

Diagram 2: Boston

Diagram 3: Boston