Primary Break

  • Contributor

Randy Myhre

Barnum High School
Minnesota Class A State Champions

  • Strategy

If you are looking to be aggressive on both makes and misses, this is the play for you. Point guards ---- pass, pass, pass the ball.  Guards fill outside lanes  & try to turn the corner.  Posts sprint out in middle of floor look for long pass.

  • How It Works

Set-up in a 4 out 1 in alignment.

Priority 1:  Looking to enter the ball into the low post from the time the rebound is secured until we move to Priority 2.

Priority 2:  Trailing post player looks for shot, drive or dump to low post sealing on block.

Priority 3: Reversal pass to backside wing and looks for shot, drive or dump.

Priority 4: Screen away by trailing post and wing for backside guard. Low post comes across lane after reading wing.

Priority 5: Ball is reversed post reads wing and cuts to ball side high or low, and posts up looking for the ball.


Diagram 1: Primary Break

Diagram 3: Primary Break

Diagram 2: Primary Break

Diagram 4: Primary Break