Kentucky Lay-Ups

  • Purpose

To help condition the players while dealing with a “real game” situation.

  • Setup

Divide the players in half and have half the players at one end under one basket and the other half of the players at the other end under the basket. There will also be a coach standing at each end at the elbow. The player at the front of each line will have a ball.

  • How It Works

  1. On the coach’s whistle the first players will step-up and throw the ball against the backboard, rebound the ball, and pass it to the coach.
  2. The player will then begin to sprint up the floor. The coach will return the pass to the player with either an underhand toss or an over the head toss. The player will catch the ball and dribble down the court.
  3. The two players should pass each other and go all the way down and attempt a layup.
  4. If the layup is made then the team shouts out one, two, and so on. The next player rebounds the make or miss and then repeats the drill.
  5. This drill is usually run continuously for three minutes. A coach can give a goal for the number of layups that needs to be made. If the goal isn’t reached then the team can repeat the drill or run sprints.
  • Coaching Tips

  • The coach should be looking for proper technique on the rebounding and should also be looking for hustle from all players.

This is a great conditioning drill that forces players to make layups running at full speed and while possibly tired.