• Contributor

Carla Harris-Curry

Miami Norland Senior High School
Florida 6A State Champions
2009 Miami Herald COY

  • Strategy

The play is designed to get your shooter an open three point shot. Once teams begin to focus on your shooter coming through the screen, other options will open up.

  • How It Works

  1. 4 and 5 can line up on either elbow and 2 and 3 can line up on either block.
  2. The ballhandler can choose a side to enter the offense.
  3. The opposite post pops out and 1 passes the ball to 5.
  4. 1 cuts off a screen set by 4. 1 will dive to the free throw line and then will cut out to the wing.
  5. 5 passes to 4.
  6. When 4 receives the pass, 1 will cut to the wing.
  7. 4 passes to 1.
  8. 4 and 5 set double screens for the opposite wing 2.

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