New London Early Offense

  • Contributor

Matt Cordes

New London Spicer High School
Minnesota Class AA State Champions
2 State Championship Titles

  • Strategy

This play is designed to be run after you have run a secondary break set a number of times and hopefully catches the defensive team over playing the dump pass to the post.

  • How It Works

  1. The point guard brings the ball up the floor and 4 inbounded the ball.  The pass goes to the 2 or 3.
  2. The 2 then reversed the ball only after a good hard ball fake to the 5.  Typically our 5 would follow the ball and continue to work for position.  In this play the 5 stays in his position.
  3. Typically the defender of our 3- man is deep in the lane to help with the post.  Now by leaving the 5 on the weak side the 3 should have space to be creative.
  4. The 3 looks to attack hard and score a basket, look for the drop to the 5, or the kick out to the 1 or 2.

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