• Strategy

Keys for the success on this back door lob play are timing and engaging the proper defenders.

  • Setup

1 and 2 must shift to lane line extended when the ball is entered to 3. This is done so we can get the defense to shift how we want them.

  • How It Works

  1. 3 must engage the top defender before swinging the ball back to 1, then 1 engages the other top defender with the dribble. 2 bumps over to the wing when 1 dribbles at her.
  2. flashes high post on 2’s catch, and 4 crosses the lane and “pins” or “posts” the opposite low post defender.
  3. As soon as 2 catches the pass from 1 she is throwing the lob to the opposite side of the rim.
  4. It is 3’s job to time the lob.

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