Baseline Flex

  • Contributor

Ryan Walz

Wisconsin Lutheran High School
Wisconsin Division 2 State Champions
Coach of the Year 08-09

  • Strategy

This play creates post-ups, flex cut layups, back door cuts off penetration, middle penetration finishes and dishes, offensive rebound advantages, penetrate and kick 3 pointers, and skip passes.

  • How It Works

Set up in a two guard front with three spread across the baseline.  The floor is now spread for penetrating gaps.

  1. As the ball is reversed the 5 man will flex screen for the 3 man to come across the lane any way he chooses.  The 2 man will look to penetrate the gaps.
  2. When pass goes to the corner the passer must create space by cutting away or screening away and the opposite guard will replace.
  3. Ball is reversed and repeat the pattern.   Set team rules for penetration movement.

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