• Zip

  • Purpose

    For use against 1-1-3 and amoeba defenses where the wings are very aggressive.

  • Drill Setup

    1 is on top. 2 and 3 are stacked at the free throw line. 4 and 5 are stacked at the bottom of the lane.

  • How It Works

    1. 1 dribbles to the wing.
    2. 2 flashes to the top of the key and 3 cuts to the wing.
    3. 1 passes back to 2 who passes to 3 on the wing.
    4. 5 screens the middle man in the zone and 4 pops out to receive the pass for the short side jumper.

4 pops out for the short jumper against the zone.

  • Coaching Tips

    On the screen, 5 should have his legs wide with feet farther than shoulder-width apart.

    4 should be careful of the angle he gets to the basket. He may also want to strongly consider shooting off the glass as mid-range shots can sometimes be tough to judge when aiming at the rim.