• Spartans

  • Purpose

    Designed to get a good player open for a corner 3 or to get the ball inside.

  • Drill Setup

    1 is on top. 2 and 3 are stacked at the free throw line. 4 and 5 are stacked at the bottom of the lane.

  • How It Works

    1. 1 dribbles to the wing.
    2. 2 cuts down the lane and off the shoulder to shoulder big man screen to the corner.
    3. 3 flashes to the top of the key.
    4. 1 reverses the ball to 3 who passes to 2 for the shot. As soon as 3 passes to 2, both 4 and 5 turn and post.
    5. Option 2: If a defender follows 2, one of the bottom screeners yells break. 4 then flashes to the middle of the lane and posts. 5 attacks the basket for a lob.

2 cuts to the corner off a double screen for the jumper.

  • Coaching Tips

    If the ball is passed to 4 in the lane and the defense sags, he may be able to turn and pass to 1 in the corner for the jumper.

    The best entry pass to 4 is often to roll the ball to him.