• X 3 Out

  • Purpose

    Creates an open look for a 3-pointer from the wing. 2 players may also be open near the lane.

  • Drill Setup

    1 is on top. 2 and 3 are on the wings and 4 and 5 are on the blocks down low.

  • How It Works

    1. 1 passes to 3.
    2. 1 and 2 exchange places. 4 and 5 exchange places.
    3. Ball is passed back to the top to 2. He makes a hard ball fake towards 1 and passes back to 3.
    4. 5 posts. 1 comes in and screens the high zone side defender. 4 screens the low zone side defender.
    5. 2 drifts over to the wing. 3 gives a hard look into the post and then throws a skip pass over to 2 on the opposite wing. 2 takes the shot.

3 makes the skip pass to 2 for the jump shot.

  • Coaching Tips

    After the skip pass, if the player on the wing finds himself covered, he should look to 4 in the low post or at 1 in the high post as outlets.