• Wave Shooting Drill

  • Purpose

    Players practice their shooting fundamentals.

  • Drill Setup

    One player stands at the left elbow. The other players form two lines under the basket.

  • How It Works

    1. First player in the left line passes to the player at the elbow. He runs at the player with his hand up and “waves” at him as he shoots.
    2. The passer continues to the other elbow and receives a pass from the front of the line on that side. That passer runs by the shooter and “waves” at him and then goes to the opposite elbow.
    3. Drill continues in this fashion.

Players shoot from the elbows during the wave drill.

  • Coaching Tips

    Players should be moving fast – keep a rapid pace. This drill makes also makes a good conditioning drill.

    Another option for the wave drill, would be to have the elbow players fake the shot and drive to the basket for a layup.