• 4 on 4 Shell Drill

  • Purpose

    Players practice their defensive fundamentals.

  • Drill Setup

    Four offensive players set up around the 3-point line. Defenders play man-to-man.

  • How It Works

    Four defenders play against four offensive players.

    If a defender is “one pass away” they play pressure deny defense. If a defender is “two passes away” they play in help side – roughly halfway between the ballhandler and their man.

    Offensive players pass the ball around the shell but don’t shoot. This drill is about defensive positioning, so feel free to stop the action after every pass and check if each defender is in the correct spot.

Player work on defensive positioning in the Shell Drill.

  • Coaching Tips

    Whenever a pass is made all defenders must “jump to the ball.”

    Also, defenders should never turn their back to the ball. They must always be able to see the ball and the person.