• Pre-Practice Exercises

  • Purpose

    Gets players warmed up and ready for practice. Also helps improve players’ vertical jump

  • Drill Setup

    Players line up behind a ladder or line on the court or pair up across from each other depending on the exercise

  • How It Works

    • Front Ladder Jump – Lie ladder vertically on court, players jump forward with
      two feet.
    • Side Ladder Jump – Players jump sideways using the ladder. Players should jump with both feet. Be sure to alternate lead sides.
    • Line Jumps – Players jump back and forth over one of the lines on the court. They should jump forward and back with two feet. They should also jump side to side with two feet.
  • Coaching Tips

    Players should be focused on the task at hand.

    All exercises should be done with speed – practice habits carry over to games!

    All jumps should be quick and powerful.