• Mass Footwork Drill

  • Purpose

    Players practice their defensive fundamentals.

  • Drill Setup

    Players set up in the halfcourt with plenty of space between them. Coach stands at midcourt.

  • How It Works

    1. On coach’s signal, players do foot fire (tap their feet fast on the court)
    2. On coach’s signal players slide from side to side in a defensive shuffle
    3. You can also say “charge!” and players square up and fall down like they have taken a charge.
    4. Another option is to use a ball and point the ball in the direction players should move.
    5. If a ball is used, the coach can drop the ball, this simulates a loose ball and all players should dive to the court.

Coach leads the team in a series of defensive footwork exercises.

  • Coaching Tips

    Players should be low with knees bent. Their arms should be out wide.

    On the slides, players should not cross their feet.

    You can signal to the players verbally or use hand signals.