• Free Throws

  • Purpose

    Players practice free throw shooting.

  • Drill Setup

    Put a group of six players at a basket.

  • How It Works

    1. One player is the shooter. He shoots the front end of a one-and-one. If he makes it he shoots again. If he misses, the players rotate. Each player shoots a maximum of two free throws before rotating.
    2. Have the remaining players line up on the lane – first two are blocking out, next two are going for the offensive rebound. Fifth player blocks out the shooter.

Players practice free throw shooting and blocking out.

  • Coaching Tips

    Put the focus on proper positioning and form. Wood courts always have a center nail at the middle of the free throw line, the shooter should find it and align his lead foot with it. When shooting a free throw the player should bend his knees, hands should be spread on the ball, elbow should be in. The shooter should take a good follow-through and keep his eyes riveted on the rim.

    Additional Tips – Each shooter should get a routine and stick with it. No high-five’s after a make because they break a shooter’s concentration. Also, the shooter shouldn’t leave the line after a miss.