• Beat The Pro

  • Purpose

    Players practice their shooting from a variety of spots on the court.

  • Drill Setup

    Player sets up anywhere in the half court. He has a basketball

  • How It Works

    1. A player gets a ball and shoots at a basket.
    2. Every make is 2 points for him.
    3. Every miss is 3 points for the imaginary pro.
    4. Play to 12. No layups.

The player tries to make more than he misses and beat the pro in this drill.

  • Coaching Tips

    To make the drill more fun, the player can select a pro that he is “playing against” – like LeBron James, Steph Curry or James Harden.

    Players should be rebounding their shots and moving with speed. You don’t want them to develop bad, lazy habits.