• Gate Dry Run Drill

  • Purpose

    Players work on one-on-one offensive skills and man-to-man defensive skills.

  • Drill Setup

    Offensive player starts just inside halfcourt. He is guarded by a defender.

  • How It Works

    1. Offensive player dribble drives to get an open shot.
    2. Defender tries to stop him.
    3. After the shot is taken the offensive player becomes the defensive player. The defender goes to the back of the offense line. The offensive player is the next player in line.

Offensive player tries to score, defender tries to stop him.

  • Coaching Tips

    This drill should be about man-to-man defense as much as it is about one-on-one offensive skills. The defender should be up on the offensive player and trying hard to steal the ball, block the shot or force a bad shot.