• 5 Man Motion

  • Purpose

    This offense spreads the floor and keeps offensive players in motion.

  • Drill Setup

    1 is at the top, 2 and 3 are on the wings, 4 and 5 are in the corners.

  • How It Works

    1. Rule 1 – If a player is being overplayed by a defender, he should go back door. If he doesn’t receive a pass he continues through to the opposite corner and the players above all rotate over to fill his spot.
    2. Rule 2 – If a player at the top passes to the wing, he makes a basket cut. If he doesn’t receive the ball he goes to the corner and the players rotate to fill his spot.
    3. Rule 3 – If a wing player passes to the hoop, he makes a basket cut and goes to the same side corner. The corner moves up to the wing.
    4. Rule 4 – If a wing passes to the corner, the wing sets a pick for the corner player and then rolls to the basket. Everyone else rotates to fill.
    5. Motion Drop – With this version of the offense, on the pass from the top to the wing not only does the first guy basket cut but also the guy taking his place immediately basket cuts as well. So there are two cutters.
    6. Motion Pick – 1 passes to the wing and sets a screen for the opposite wing, who basket cuts. If the wing doesn’t receive the pass he goes to same side corner, the corner moves up to the wing and 1 flashes back to the top. 1 can also pick for baseline players. Then the opposite wing would move to the top to fill and everyone else would rotate.

On the initial action, 1 passes to 2 and makes a basket cut.

Motion Drop features back to back cutters to throw the defense off.

  • Coaching Tips

    This is a good offense to run against a team with a pressure defense. It is also a good choice if you do not have a dominant post player.

    Be sure to space the floor – having good spacing is key. That means your players should be set up out wide not in close to the basket.

    The point guard always has the option of driving into the paint if he can.