• Slip Screen Shooting Drill

  • Purpose

    Creates a game-type, fluid situation for players to practice screening and shooting.

  • Drill Setup

    Players form two lines – one at the top of the key and one on the wing (free throw line extended). Two coaches stand on the opposite wing.

  • How It Works

    1. The first player in the top of the key line passes to the first coach on the wing and then goes and sets a screen for the opposite wing player.
    2. After setting the screen, the screener slips to the basket so each play has a player with an open jump shot and a player going in for a layup.
    3. The first coach passes to the jump shot player who shoots. The second coach passes to the layup player who also shoots. After rebounding his shot, the layup shooter passes to the second coach so he has a ball for the next round.
    4. Also run the drill with a flare screen for the top of the key player. The screener from the wing would then slip to the basket and the top of the key player would shoot the jump shot.

Players slip the screen and cut to the basket.

  • Coaching Tips

    A flare screen is a screen from the side.

    Players receiving the screen shouldn’t be stationary. Like in a game situation they should take their imaginary defender down and then run him back up into the screen.

    Players should also be communicating, the screener should let his teammate know he is setting a screen for him.