• Pressure Layup Drill

  • Purpose

    Players practice making a layup while under defensive pressure.

  • Drill Setup

    The offensive player lines up at the edge of the halfcourt jump circle. The defender lines up at the halfcourt line.

  • How It Works

    1. The coach throws the ball down the court and the offensive player runs and gets it.
    2. The offensive player then drives in and shoots a layup.
    3. The defensive player chases after the offensive player and tries to stop him from making the layup.
    4. After the layup is made or missed, the next pair goes.

The offensive player tries to make a layup, the defensive player tries to stop him.

  • Coaching Tips

    Missed layups are a huge error that can cost teams wins, this drill is a great way to get players used to the speed and pressure that often accompanies game layups.

    Offensive players should be moving fast but under control.

    Defenders should be going for the steal or the block but also avoiding colliding into the offensive player.

    This drill is also a great conditioning drill.