• Pivot/Pass Drill

  • Purpose

    Adds the basketball to the pivot drills so players can work on dribbling, pivoting and passing.

  • Drill Setup

    Players form four lines – one in each corner of the halfcourt. Each player at the front of a line has a basketball.

  • How It Works

    1. Coach blows his whistle to begin the drill. Each of the four players with a ball dribbles into the circle created by the top of the key and the dotted line under the free throw line.
    2. Each player comes to a jump stop, makes a reverse pivot off their right foot and makes a two-hand chest pass to the line that was to the right of their original starting spot.
    3. The player follows his pass and goes to the end of the line he passed to.

Coach calls out different pivots for his players to execute.

  • Coaching Tips

    Dribblers should be coming to a complete stop and staying level on their pivot.

    Passers need to make sharp, snappy passes. Receivers should step forward to receive the pass with their hands up and together.

    The coach should also call out changes – such as direction of pivot and whether players are to use a front pivot or reverse pivot – to help players practice thinking on their feet.

    The coach can also change the type of pass being used to challenge the players – for instance switching from a two-hand chest pass to a one-hand push pass or a bounce pass.