• Passing Relay Drill

  • Purpose

    Players practice passing as well as their footwork in this drill.

  • Drill Setup

    Players form four lines – with two lines on one side of the court and two directly opposite on the other. The lines are 10 to 20 feet apart.

  • How It Works

    1. The first player in the two lines on the right side of the court have a basketball.
    2. The coach blows his whistle for the drill to start and each player with a ball makes a two-hand chest pass to the opposite line.
    3. After passing, the player jab steps with his left foot, cuts to the right and then runs the back of the line he passed to.

After passing, the player jab steps and cuts.

  • Coaching Tips

    Receivers should give a hand target like they want the basketball.

    Passers should be taking a step forward on the pass. They should not be standing straight up when passing, they should have their knees bent and really getting their legs into the throw.

    The coach can change the type of pass being thrown as well as the direction of the jab step and cut.

    One way to increase the intensity of this drill is to have one set of lines compete against the other. The players would count out their passes and the first pair of lines to 20 sits down and is the winner.