• Oiler Layup Drill

  • Purpose

    Teaches players to make sharp cuts instead of rounding them off. Also provides layup shooting practice.

  • Drill Setup

    Players line up in the corner.

  • How It Works

    1. Players run to the first cone, plant hard and then cut straight to the basket.
    2. The coach throws the ball to the player who shoots a layup.
    3. On the second time through, the players run to the second cone.
    4. On the third time through the players run to the third cone.
    5. Run the drill from both the right and left sides.

The offensive player makes a sharp cut, receives the pass and shoots a layup

  • Coaching Tips

    Players cannot round the cone, they must plant hard and make a sharp cut.

    To make the drill more challenging penalize any layup that hits anything other than just the net.