• Half Court Dribble & Shoot Drill

  • Purpose

    Helps players develop both their handle and their shooting ability.

  • Drill Setup

    Players line up on the wing (top of the key extended). Each has a ball. Put cones at the top of the key extended, halfcourt and the top of the key extended.

  • How It Works

    1. First player in line starts at the first cone. He dribbles to the second cone and executes a move of his choice – for example, a crossover, a between the legs dribble, a behind the back dribble, a stutter step, a hesitation move, etc.
    2. The player then reaches the third cone dribbling with his right hand. He plants his outside foot and cuts with a hard 45 degree angle toward the basket and shoots the appropriate shot.
    3. Round 1 – power layup
    4. Round 2 – bank shot
    5. Round 3 – baseline jump shot
    6. Round 4 – jump shot at the elbow (crossover after the third cone)
    7. Round 5 – crossover after third cone, crossover again, power layup
    8. Round 6 – crossover, across the lane, layup on the other side
    9. The player retrieves his make or miss and dribbles back to midcourt using different moves – for example, driving the ball hard, retreat dribbling, changing direction, etc.
    10. At midcourt, he jump stops, pivots and then runs back to the end of the line.
    11. The next player goes when the player in front of him reaches the third cone.
    12. Run the drill from both sides of the court.

Players work on their dribbling and shooting skills.

  • Coaching Tips

    Players should keep the ball in their outside hand when driving to the basket.

    The coach can provide some contact to the shooter when he is attempting a power layup.

    The coach can adjust the shots and moves as he sees fit for this drill.