• The Gauntlet Drill

  • Purpose

    Players practice dribbling through traffic.

  • Drill Setup

    Five players line up forming a gauntlet. A player with a basketball stands facing the gauntlet.

  • How It Works

    1. The player with the ball dribbles around each player in the gauntlet.
    2. After clearing the gauntlet, the player dribbles in and shoots a layup at the basket.
    3. He gets one shot at the layup, make or miss he grabs the ball and rolls it to the line of dribblers in front of the gauntlet.
    4. The shooter then becomes the fifth member of the gauntlet and the other players move forward one space with the first member of the gauntlet now joining the dribble line.

Players dribble around defenders and shoot a layup.

  • Coaching Tips

    Defenders can’t move their feet. They can reach for the ball with their hands though.

    Dribblers must keep the ball low and make tight cuts to avoid having the ball knocked away by a defender.

    Encourage dribblers to move as fast as possible through the gauntlet.