• 2 Line Shooting Drill

  • Purpose

    Players practice shooting.

  • Drill Setup

    Players form two lines under the basket – one on each side of the lane.

  • How It Works

    1. The first player in the left line runs out into the lane and the first player in the right lane passes him the ball.
    2. He shoots and the next player in his line gets the rebound.
    3. The passer then runs out into the lane, receives the pass from the opposite line and shoots.
    4. The drill continues in this pattern.

Players practice shooting and passing in this two line drill.

  • Coaching Tips

    This can also be used as a good warm-up before a game.

    Another way to run this drill would be to have the player who just shot set a screen for the new shooter coming out so that players get used to setting and coming off screens