• 1 vs 2 Dribble Drill

  • Purpose

    Players practice dribbling against defensive pressure.

  • Drill Setup

    One player has a basketball. He faces two defenders.

  • How It Works

    1. The offensive player dribbles to halfcourt.
    2. The two defensive players try to steal the ball from the offensive player.
    3. If a defender does steal the ball or knock it away, the ball is immediately given back to the offensive player and he continues dribbling to halfcourt.
    4. When the offensive player reaches midcourt, the next set of players goes.

Two defenders try to make life miserable for one offensive player who is dribbling to halfcourt.

  • Coaching Tips

    The aim here is to make dribbling in practice much more difficult so that a player is more efficient in a game setting.

    Caution against the dribbler trying to split the double-team as this most often results in a turnover.