• Phoenix Side Out of Bounds

  • Purpose

    To get a 3-point shot for the tie or the win.

  • Drill Setup

    There is a triple screen set up in the key area for the man in the corner.

  • How It Works

    1. The corner man (3) runs over the triple screen and then becomes a screener
    2. Second man (4) in the triple screen stack flashes for the pass after setting a screen.
    3. Option 1: Inbounder (2) passes to flashing big man (4) and then goes over the corner man’s (3) screen to receive the pass and take the shot.
    4. Option 2: If inbounder (2) is covered, big man (4) can pass to corner man screener (3) who moves down the wing toward the baseline after setting the screen.

This play is designed to get the inbounder an open look at a 3-pointer.

  • Coaching Tips

    With this play, the best shooter should take the ball out of bounds.

    Put the best passing player as the middle screener in the triple screen.