• San Antonio

  • Purpose

    The play is designed to get a two-man action for 3 and 5.

  • Drill Setup

    5 is on the block. 4 is above him inside the elbow. 1 has the ball up top. 3 is on the wing on 5’s side. 2 is on the other wing.

  • How It Works

    1. 1 dribbles to the side opposite 4 and 5.
    2. 4 pops out and receives the pass.
    3. Option 1: 3 flex cuts off 5 to the basket and receives the pass from 4.
    4. Option 2: If 3 is guarded off the screen, 4 passes to 5 for the side jumper.
    5. Option 3: After 3 cuts off 5 into the lane he comes back out off another screen from 5 for the side jumper.
    6. Option 4: After screening for 3 for the second time, 5 posts up on the block.

3 cuts to the basket for the layup (Option 1).

5 gets open for the side jumper (Option 2).

  • Coaching Tips

    If 5 receives the ball for the side jumper he should look to go off the glass just like Tim Duncan did when his San Antonio Spurs used this play during his illustrious career.

    Ideally, 4 will be both a good shooter and passer, which will help make this play highly effective.

    In Option 4, when 5 posts, the entry pass can come from 4 or 3.