• Phoenix Hammer Action

  • Purpose

    Play is designed to generate an open look at a corner 3-pointer.

  • Drill Setup

    5 inbounds to 1, then all five players sprint down court. 1 has the ball.

  • How It Works

    1. 1 passes to 2 on the wing and then sets a rip screen for 3.
    2. Option 1: After setting the screen, 1 goes to the opposite corner for a 3-pointer. 3 looks to make a “hammer pass” or “baseline drift pass” to 1 in the corner.
    3. Option 2: If 1 is covered, 3 looks for 4 in the lane.

1 looks for an open 3-pointer in the corner.

  • Coaching Tips

    5 should follow up the play, crossing half court, but staying on top of the formation in case there is a sudden possession change and he needs to get back to defend the rim.