• Laker Play

  • Purpose

    Designed to take advantage of a skilled offensive player.

  • Drill Setup

    2 guards at the top with the other 3 players across the free throw line extended.

  • How It Works

    1. 1 (the skilled offensive player) has the ball at the top.
    2. 1 passes to 3.
    3. Option 1: 1 cuts off a screen from 5 and looks for the backdoor lob.
    4. Option 2: If 1 is covered on the lob, he sets up on the block. The ball is swung from 3 to 2 who makes a post pass to 1.

1 looks for the lob to the basket (Option 1).

1 posts up and receives the entry pass from 2 (Option 2).

  • Coaching Tips

    If 1 is unable to receive the ball in the post, he should then break out to the wing to receive the pass. He will then have that entire side of the court to isolate and attack the defense.