• Detroit Turn Series

  • Purpose

    This play takes advantage of a good passing big man to get other players jump shots.

  • Drill Setup

    5 is down low with 2 beside him. 4 is in the high post. 3 is on the wing. 1 is at
    the top.

  • How It Works

    1. 1 dribbles down and passes to 2 on the wing, who is coming off a screen from 5.
    2. 5 posts in the block and 2 passes him the ball.
    3. Option 1: On the post pass, 1 cuts into the lane and then back out coming off a screen from 4. 5 passes to 1 for the shot.
    4. Option 2: After the same initial action, 4 screens for 2 on the wing and 5 passes to 2 for the shot.
    5. Option 3: After the same initial action, 4 screens for 3. 5 passes to 3 for the shot.

5 passes out to 1 for the straightaway jumper (Option 1).

4 can screen for 2 (Option 2) or for 3 (Option 3). 5 makes the pass for the shot.

  • Coaching Tips

    5 should hold the ball high at head or chest level and make crisp two-hand passes to his cutting offensive teammates.

    4 should set solid blocks with his body perpendicular to the defender and weight equally distributed on both legs to better maintain balance.