• Minnesota Baseline Out of Bounds

  • Purpose

    To get an easy basket in a baseline out of bounds situation.

  • Drill Setup

    3 inbounds the ball. 2 and 5 are stacked on the side of the lane with 1 behind them just inside the elbow. 4 is across the lane at the other elbow.

  • How It Works

    1. The ball is slapped and players take predetermined actions depending on which option is being run.
    2. Option 1: 5 dives across the lane. 2 makes a hard cut to the corner. 1 goes across the lane and screens for 4 who rolls down the lane. 3 looks to pass to 4 for the shot. As a secondary option, 3 runs off a screen by 5 to the wing.
    3. Option 2: This option involves the same action as option 1 only instead of rolling down the lane 4 goes to the corner to screen for 2. 3 looks to pass to 2 for the open jumper. As a secondary option, 1 flares off his screen for 4 to the corner.
    4. Option 3: In this option 2 and 1 switch roles. 5 dives across the lane. 2 fakes a cut to the corner and instead goes across the lane to screen for 4. 1 fakes the screen for 4 and runs hard to the corner. After screening for 4, 2 receives a screen from 5 and cuts to the baseline for the open jumper.

This out of bounds play offers 3 variations. From left, Options 1, 2 and 3, which is for a last second shot.

  • Coaching Tips

    Option 3 is designed to be run in a late game, low clock situation.

    The inbounder may be able to create bigger passing windows by looking off the defense, i.e. looking at an area other than where he plans to pass