• Detroit Action

  • Purpose

    Frees the 2 man for a jump shot.  Use against man-to-man defense.

  • Drill Setup

    4 and 5 are at the elbows, 2 is at the top of the key, 3 is behind either 4 or 5, 1 brings the ball down.

  • How It Works

    1. 2 reads how he is being guarded and works off one of the high screens to flare out for a wing jumper.
    2. 3 reads 2’s action and flashes to the top of the key.
    3. Option 1: If the defender goes under the screen, 1 can pass to a flaring 2 for a jump shot. 3 may also be open flashing to the top of the key.
    4. Option 2: If the defender fights over the screen, 2 takes him under the basket and has the option of going back up either direction for a down screen from a big man. 3 goes off the opposite screen and flares to the wing for a possible jump shot.

Option 1 – 2 flares to the wing.

Option 2 – 2 curls and 3 flares.

  • Coaching Tips

    Coming off the down screen, 2 wants to curl tight into the lane or key for the 15-18
    foot jumper.

    2 should use a “stop and go” move to throw the defender off when taking him down under the basket and preparing to go up off the down screen. That means 2 stops or slows down and then makes a quick move up toward the screen.

    If the big man’s defender shows on 2 after the down screen, the big man (4 or 5 depending on which side 2 chooses) should slip to the rim and look for a pass for
    a layup.