• UCLA Rebound and Outlet Drill

  • Purpose

    Teaches players to purse the basketball and make a good outlet pass.

  • Drill Setup

    One line of players forms at the elbow. Another line is on that same-side wing.

  • How It Works

    1. The player at the elbow throws the ball against the glass and goes and rebounds it.
    2. He then makes an outlet pass to a player on the wing.
    3. The wing player passes to the next player in the rebounding line.

Rebounders go get the ball and look to make a strong outlet pass.

  • Coaching Tips

    Rebounders should be attacking the ball at its highest point. They should then chin the ball, pivot and make a hard, accurate two-hand overhead pass to the wing.

    You can also run this drill with two balls or to make it more difficult with a weighted ball.