• Slide Run Slide Drill

  • Purpose

    Teaches players how to dropstep and transition from sliding to running.

  • Drill Setup

    Players line up in the corner. Set cones at the lane, at the sideline, in the front court and at midcourt at the sideline.

  • How It Works

    1. Players slide to the first cone, dropstep and run to the second.
    2. At the second cone, they dropstep and go back into a slide.
    3. At the third cone they dropstep and run to the last cone.

Players run or slide from cone to cone.

  • Coaching Tips

    Players should remain in their defensive stance throughout the drill. They should also be opening up when they dropstep.

    If you don’t have cones you can have players or parents stand where the cones would be and the players/parents slap hands at each location to add some enthusiasm
    to practice.