• Knick Rebounding Drill

  • Purpose

    Players practice rebounding in a competitive situation.

  • Drill Setup

    Two defenders against two offensive players. Coach is at the side.

  • How It Works

    1. A defender and offensive player are at the bottom of the lane with the defender having inside position. Another defensive player and offensive player are higher in the lane closer to the free throw line. This defender also has inside position.
    2. The coach shoots from the wing and misses on purpose. (If it accidently goes in, makes are treated like misses).
    3. The defenders and offensive players go for the rebound. If the defense gets it they get 1 point. If the offense gets it they get two points plus the points they make if they score.
    4. Play continues until a basket is made or the defense secures the ball. When one of those things happens, the top defender and offensive player go to the end of the opposite lines. The bottom defender and bottom offensive player move to the top and a new offensive and defensive player enter at the bottom.

Defense and offense battle for the rebound.

  • Coaching Tips

    This is a contact, aggressive rebounding drill. There is no out of bounds.

    The coach decides fouls and who a jump ball should be awarded to.

    The coach can also adjust the positioning of the offensive players if he wants to work on a particular rebounding situation.