• Denial/Pistols Drill

  • Purpose

    Teaches both denial defense and help side defense.

  • Drill Setup

    Two defensive players and two offensive players set up down low. A coach stands on each side of the key. Put a cone out on each wing.

  • How It Works

    1. One of the coaches has a ball. On that side, the offensive player runs back and forth from the block to the cone while the defender plays denial defense.
    2. On the other side the defender plays help defense – pointing his front arm toward the ball and his back arm toward the offensive player he is guarding (pistols position).
    3. When the ball is passed to the other coach, the roles reverse.

Ball side denial and weakside help defense are stressed in this drill.

  • Coaching Tips

    To make the drill more difficult and ensure the defenders are focused, the coaches can sometimes attempt to pass to the players down low.

    Defenders should be sliding out as the offensive player runs out. If a player goes back door, the defender should turn his head, drop low to protect against the bounce pass and expect help from the other side defender.