• Closeout Drill

  • Purpose

    Teaches defenders to close out on the shooter from the help side.

  • Drill Setup

    Players form three lines under the basket. One player sets up on each wing and one at the free throw line.

  • How It Works

    1. The first player in each line passes out to the player in front of them. The passer then sprints and “closes out” on the offensive player.
    2. The offensive player fakes a shot and makes a pass to the next player in line.
    3. The passer goes to the next line. The defender becomes the offensive player and the player who received the pass becomes the next close out defender.

Defenders close out on offensive players.

  • Coaching Tips

    Defenders should be yelling “close out” as they approach the offensive player.

    Variations can include having the offensive player take a power dribble to the side so the defender has to step over to close him out. Also, you can have the offensive player shoot and then the defender would be responsible for blocking him out.