Whaler Shell Drill

  • Contributor

Craig Parker

New London High School
Connecticut Class L State Champions
State Championships: 1995, 2004, 2005, 2011

  • Strategy

With this drill, we play a game to eight.

  • How It Works

Offensive point system:
Making a shot = 1 point
Offensive rebound = 1 point
If a basket is scored on a backdoor cut = 1 point

Defensive point system:
Rebound = 1 point
Blocked Shot = 1 point
Steal = 1 point
Taking a Charge = 2 points

The defense can have 1 point deducted for allowing a baseline drive. Our players enjoy the competitive element of this drill and work hard both on offense and defense. The losers have to do push ups or extra running drills at your discretion.

  • Coaching Tips

  • During this drill, emphasize Hand up – foot up; defensive positioning in relationship to the ball’s location; closing out; and talking on defense.

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