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John Ross

Calvin College
Head Coach

  • Strategy

This next play does a great job of drawing the defense over to one side of the court and creating a look elsewhere.

  • How It Works

  1. We’ll start off with a misdirection dribble to the right wing by our point, which is the signal for the shooting guard to cut off the left wing down to the block.
  2. The power forward will come up to set a ball screen, and the shooting guard will sprint up to the right elbow to set a diagonal screen for the center.
  3. The point guard will then crossover back to his left, using the power forward’s ball screen and dribbling over to the left wing.
  4. Now we can hit the center on the block here if possible, but if you want the three point shot, you’ll have the point guard hold on to the ball a little longer. This is because in the meantime the power forward will be setting his second screen, this time down for the shooting guard, who will curl around up to the top of the arc looking to catch and shoot for a three pointer.

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