Spartan (2-3 Zone) - Baseline Inbounds

  • Contributor

Kerry Clawson

Cottage Grove High School
Oregon Class 4A State Champions
Oregon State 4A COY 2010

  • Strategy

The key to this play’s success is to have a shooting threat that drags the back row defender to the corner, leaving a pin and short shot opportunity every time.

  • How It Works

Initial line up: Long ball shooters on the baseline and elbow opposite the ball; reliable screener/inside scorer in front of the ball; strong inside shooter on ball side at elbow.

  1. On the “Go!” ball side players screen the closest defenders;
  2. Opposite ball shooters cut to ball side corner and wing (outside of the 3-point line) and call for the ball.
  3. It is important that ball-side screeners HOLD their positions at this point and WAIT for the defenders to move to defend the outside shooters.  This clears the baseline and high side help and opens the floor for the inside shot.
  4. After the defenders clear, ball side shooter cuts down from elbow directly behind the pin at ball side block to receive a short pass from the in bounder and scores.

Diagram 1: Spartan (2-3 Zone) - Baseline Inbounds

Diagram 2: Spartan (2-3 Zone) - Baseline Inbounds

Diagram 3: Spartan (2-3 Zone) - Baseline Inbounds

Diagram 4: Spartan (2-3 Zone) - Baseline Inbounds