Secondary Break - Swing

  • Contributor

Patrick Estepp

Cedarville University
Head Coach

  • Purpose

Here’s a play that’s particularly well suited for an end of half or end of game situation.

  • How It Works

  1. After receiving the inbounds, the point guard will fire a pass off to the two guard on the strong side wing.
  2. The four man will sprint up court, stopping where the lane line and the three point line would meet on the strong side of the court. Our point guard will be doing the same, just on the weak side instead.
  3. The two guard will then pass to the power forward and use the backscreenbeing set by the center, and use the backscreenbeing set by the center, sprinting along the baseline to the oppposite corner.
  4. The three man will fake a similar cut, but instead pop right back out on the left wing, where he’ll be receiving a pass that has been swung across the through the point guard to him.
  5. After passing to the point guard, the four man will sprint down to the left block, making himself available as an option.
  6. The five man will come over to set a backscreen for the point guard, who will fade to the top of the arc.
  7. From there, it’s up to the three man to decide what option he feels is best.

Diagram 1: Secondary Break - Swing

Diagram 2: Secondary Break - Swing