Progression Drills - 1 V 2 V 3 V 4 V 5

  • Contributor

John Cherne III

Kapaun Mount Carmel Catholic High School
2012 5A Tennessee State Champions
2008 Tennessee’s Final Four, 2009 Elite Eight

  • Purpose

This drill is great for teaching teamwork in transition and disadvantage situations.

  • How It Works

  1. Begin this drill keeping score each possession in a 1o2 scenario.
  2. Then 2 players enter in by touching the three point line creating a 2o3 situation at the other end.
  3. Score or stop adds two more players for 3o4 situation, then two more get added for a 5o4.
  4. Finally, 1 player is added for 5o5 and the 2 minute clock begins.
  5. After shot or turnover, 2 offensive players are added for 3o2, this keeps going until it is 5o5 for one possession. Team with most points wins or stops.

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