Pipe and Alley

  • Contributor

Charles Chong

Window Rock High School
Arizona 3A State Champions

  • Setup

We designate the court area from one key through the midcourt and center circle to the opposite key as the “pipe”. The areas outside each side of the pipe make up the left and right “alleys”.

Line up the guards outside the court off the wing, and the posts outside the baseline on the same side of the court.

  • How It Works

  1. The first post throws the ball off the backboard and leaps for two handed rebound and chin and check.
  2. He then pivots and outlets with talking to the first guard, who has V-cut to the baseline, called for the ball and sprinted up the court.
  3. The first guard catches the ball with a chin-n-check stop and speed dribbles wide up the alley with the eyes up and turning the head to see the trailing post.
  4. The post sprints up the middle of the pipe and calls for the ball, hands up and big.
  5. Before passing, the guard must bring the ball to the wing, get low and change to a pounding control dribble, keeping their head up and protecting the ball with the opposite arm.
  6. He then makes a quick and accurate pass to the sprinting post, who must catch away from imaginary defenders and finish with a speed, power, or up and under layup.
  7. The post then puts their thumbs at ear level and butt down, explodes to rebound out of the net, turns and outlets to the guard who is now breaking back down the opposite direction.
  8. The same break routine happens again, but with the opposite hand and footwork.

Tell your forwards to “dominate the pipe” on offense and defense. Tell your guards to push or pass the ball up the alleys “wide and early” if the middle (pipe) isn’t open.