Joe Lombard - Steps for Success

  • Coach Profile

  • Nazareth High School, Nazareth, Texas
  • Class 1A in Texas
  • 7 yrs at Nazareth 7 yrs. girls coach, record 240-16, 2 yrs. boys coach record 61-9, 1979-1985, six girls State Championships
  • Canyon High School, Canyon, Texas:  Class 4A in Texas
  • 25 yrs at Canyon, record 761-73, eight State Championships, 2003 National Championship
  • Total record:  1,062-98
  • Steps for Success

On offense we look to score a lay-up or a wide-open three off of the fast break.  When in the half-court offense, we like to get the ball inside either by throwing to the post of by the dribble drive.  We also would like for everyone to touch the ball on every possession.  Our goals on offense are to shot fifty percent from the field and seventy percent from the free throw line.  Shot selection, patience, and being aggressive are important components in our philosophy.

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