Full Court Transition Drill

  • Purpose

Any team who pushes the ball a lot in transition is going to find themselves in a lot of situations where they have a numbers advantage. The catch, is that as a result you’ll also find yourself in a numbers disadvantage more often as well. So for it to be worth it for your team to push the tempo, you need to be good at taking advantage of the numbers situation when you have it, and defending against it when you don’t.  In this drill, we get a chance to work on both of those situations in a game like situation, and improve transition on both sides of the ball as a result.

  • Setup

To start, separate your team into two teams of five and send a team to each end of the court. The drill will start with two players from one team, we’ll call them team A, and just one player from the other, who we’ll be calling team B.

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