Eagle Full Court Transition

  • Contributor

Tom Bumgardner

Seneca Valley High School
Maryland Class 3A State Champions
Montgomery County Sentinel COY 2009-2010

  • Purpose

Players work on all the basic fundamentals – rebounding, passing, shooting and dribbling  -- in this full-court drill.

  • How It Works

  1. 1 tosses the ball off backboard and rebounds.
  2. 1 pivots and outlets to 2.
  3. 2 dribbles toward ball side block.
  4. 2 passes to 3 who makes a post move.
  5. 3 rebounds and passes to 2 who has relocated to corner.
  6. 2 speed dribbles ball back to 1 as 4 has already started the next sequence.
  7. 2 goes back to original line and 3 goes to the end of post line and 1 goes to end of forward line.

Eagle Full Court Transition