• Contributor

Bill Lewitt

Cecil College
Head Coach

  • Purpose

This press break would be used at the end of the game in a pressure situation when the opposing team needs a violation or a steal.

  • How It Works

  1. We start off in a box alignment, with our point guard inbounding, our small forward and center lining up on the strong side, and our power forward and two guard on the weak side.
  2. The center and two guard would be at the top of the box.
  3. After the point guard slaps the ball the small forward will sprint over to the shooting guard and cross screen for him while the center clears out, sprinting down to the wing on the other side of the court.
  4. The shooting guard will cut of the three man’s screen directly in front of the point guard while the power forward sets a screen of his own for the small forward, freeing him up to cut to the weak side.
  5. And as a third and final option, our power forward will slip into the middle of the paint.
  6. It’s important that the two guard and small forward cut to a place on the court where they won’t be able to trap easily –generally we tell our players to catch the ball above the block and inside the three point arc, keeping them a safe distance from both the sideline and baseline.
  7. Once inbounded, our point guard would step inbounds as a possible return pass, allowing us to then attack the rest of the press from a 1-3-1 alignment.

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