Team Offense Layups - Backdoor

  • Purpose

Players learn to score off of a backdoor move.

  • Setup

Three lines spaced 15 to 18 feet apart. One line is at top of key, the other two lines are on the wings.

  • How It Works

  1. Player 2 makes a V-Cut to get open and Player 1 passes her the ball.
  2. Player 1 immediately makes a Give and Go cut, running through the left side of the lane (not receiving the ball) and coming out to the opposite wing.
  3. At the same time, Player 3 cuts to the top of the key to replace Player 1.
  4. Player 2 passes to Player 3.
  5. Player 1 makes a V-Cut, then immediately goes into a Backdoor Cut.
  6. Player 3 passes to Player 1 for the layup.
  7. All three players crash the boards for the rebound and continue shooting until the shot is made. Players then go to the back of a different line.
  • Coaching Tips

  • Once players are comfortable running this drill, switch and run it to the opposite side with the first passing going from 1 to 3.
  • When drill finishes with a left hand layup, the player should be shooting with their left hand.
  • Watch the spacing during this drill, players may have a tendency to squeeze in together – lines should remain 15 to 18 feet apart.

Player 2 V-Cuts and receives the pass

Player 1 Give and Go cuts. Player 3 receives the pass from Player 2.

Player 1 goes Backdoor for the layup